Who tried rope skipping and got thin?

Diet magazine presents to you who has tried rope skipping and got slim, and rope skipping experiences for a month, and the method of rope skipping to lose weight, and my experience with rope skipping for the chest, and who has tried oats and got slim, one of the least expensive, most easy and fun sports. For a long time, it was considered a game for children, but this view has changed. Professional athletes, especially tennis and basketball players, add this sport to their daily training programs, as well as boxing champions, so today we chose this sport to learn about its role in slimming through experiences in who have tried skipping rope. And we got thinned, so follow us. Who has tried rope skipping and slimming? Rope skipping is an aerobic sport where you can jump in the air more than once while wrapping the appropriate rope in a circular motion around the body. It may be difficult for some to reach a large number in the sport of rope skipping, and it is enough to reach 70 to 100 npm per hour, as follows Successful experiences in slimming.

  • I tried skipping the rope for a month, at first, I couldn’t complete ten skips once. I got tired, but with time, I walked 50 continuous pounds, and I walked daily 100 to 150 pounds, and most of it was in my thighs and buttocks, and the abdomen felt like it sang once, but I combined it with a virgin diet and got slim in less than a month at the end of the week. I want 10 kilos, I was 65 and walked 55.
  • Rope jumping is one of the most wonderful sports that I used to do. I remember a time when I was in the first grade of secondary school, at the beginning of school, 3 colleges got slimmed down in less than a week, but I didn’t eat much and I was waiting for my back to sweat because the back was sweating and I started to be thin, so they told me I was a lot Go at least 500 times a day, and I advise you a lot about it.
  • I am not a regular jumper, but I go three times a week for half an hour and I intend to take it for an hour and two days I rest and the second two days I rest but without a rope, although I have a rope, but I don’t know where to take me down, I jump 100 or 150 times and go up and down stairs 40 times and my weight has gone down three kilos in two weeks even though I ate as is I tried to lighten, but I did not reduce eating chips and sweets, but more water, and I drank white tea. Perhaps this is the reason, right. I lost three kilos, but I feel them more because once I have the clothes and the shape, and everyone says what is wrong with him as if he is more deficient.
  • One of the girls says that she continued skipping the rope for a while, to get rid of excess obesity in the buttocks area, and she used many methods, and did not bring results, but with the rope skipping, she noticed that the buttocks disappeared within two months and the sizes of her clothes changed, and her body became tight and very consistent. .
  • Rope skipping experiments for a month The sport of jumping rope is very effective in terms of burning fat, as it helps to lose up to 444 calories in just 30 minutes, so we will review in this paragraph some of the experiments of skipping rope for a month.

  • The first experience: Sameh, 40, says, “I was feeling very tired and unable to focus, but after I read about rope skipping experiences for a month, I knew the different benefits of daily training and its effects on the body, and I actually started training daily for 3 minutes, and then I continued Training until I’ve been training for 15 minutes and feel more able to go about my daily tasks with vigor and focus and become more agile and energetic.
  • The second experiment: The owner of this experiment says that she was suffering from excess weight in her body and she wanted to achieve a slim and harmonious body, so I heard the importance of rope skipping. Indeed, she continued to skip rope for two consecutive months. Big and her body became more slender. By continuing to skip the rope, she was able during the two-month period to lose about 9 kilos of weight, which made her body taut and completely changed significantly, and during this period she also followed healthy eating habits, which are to stay away from sweets and fats and reduce carbohydrates.
  • The third experience: I started practicing this sport again every day for 15 minutes, about 200 jogs, and thank God, my body began to lose excess weight and fat and tighten the sagging. One of the benefits of this sport is that it is not limited to fitness only, but also has other physical health benefits. One of the most important is to strengthen the muscles of the heart and arteries, but there is a warning when practicing this sport, which is to reach the stage of violation and extreme fatigue, because it has a negative impact on the heart. Specialist in physical therapy.
  • Rope skipping is an exercise that burns a large number of calories. As exercising for half an hour may help burn 372 calories for a person weighing 70 kilograms, and therefore practicing this sport daily can help lose weight, here are some ways to lose weight.

  • Method 1: Make a plan to jump rope for 15 minutes. Try to combine these different exercises as you get used to them into a jump rope plan. To burn calories and sculpt your body, you will need a jump rope and a timer. Start with a basic one-minute jump. Turn to jump from side to side for one minute. Jump between legs for one minute. Finish by jumping on one leg for one minute, switching legs each time you jump. Repeat this circuit two or three times, taking a one-minute break between each circuit. Practice this schedule once a day to see improvement.
  • The second method: You can practice rope skipping 3 times a week, the beginning is rope skipping for only 5 minutes each time in the first week, starting from the second week you can practice for 10 minutes at a time, and with a healthy diet you will lose the accumulated kilograms in the body easily and in record time.
  • The third method: You can start by holding the two ends of the rope and placing them on both ends of the basin, and then start jumping an inch or two from the surface of the ground. The source of the movement that a person emits should be from the chest and arms, not from the shoulders, and care must be taken to make the jumps small and consistent with each other. It is recommended to do about 10-15 jogs for the warm-up process and then start with the length of rope jumping specified by the person. It is recommended to do rope skipping daily and to count the number of rope hops that a person can do within 15-20 minutes. The rope must be skipped within the rate that a person is capable of, and it is also advised not to jump high and at too fast.
  • My experience with rope skipping for the chest One of the benefits of rope skipping is its positive effect on the chest area, as it works to tighten and strengthen the chest muscles to a large degree, and give it flexibility, and it also helps the player to regulate the breathing process every time, here is my experience with rope skipping for the chest.

  • Frankly, I have tried skipping the rope, but I don’t know. It depends on your weight, the size of your chest, and the type of bra you are using, because the more heavy you weigh, it will affect your joints (knees), and if your chest size is large, it will tire you, and you can stop after the first 5 skips because of the pain, but in addition to the possibility of danger The descent of the uterus and its prolapse, but I tried the bra that tightens and raises the chest and makes it stable (it contains iron components) and I use it only when I pull a rope and change it along as soon as I finish because you know everything and it is harmful and I finished the problem of chest pain, but the problem of the knee and thigh joints and the fear of prolapse remained the womb.
  • Women prefer wearing a chest corset to maintain its stability and not sag while jumping, not because it causes sagging in the chest. This sport benefits many parts of the body with jumping and tightening the abdomen and chest, as it helps to tighten the muscles of the abdomen, chest and thighs. It is one of the exercises that works to strengthen the ligaments of the feet, knees and hands, and it is considered one of the exercises that works to develop agility, balance, speed and muscular-neural coordination.
  • Who tried oats and got thin An oat diet is being tried by many men and women, and the benefits of the oat diet is that it burns fat because it reduces calories, the following are experiences with oats for slimming.

  • The first experience: Oats, by God, my mother’s daughters, I tried it. She used to break her fast, and at lunch, she made oats like soup and drank it. By God, my mother’s daughters, everyone who sees my mother asks her what he did to her. She was seriously thin. We make a diet and I advise you to have dinner free of yogurt with a spoon of flaxseed and invite me.
  • The second experiment: I wanted to share with you my experience with oats because I found my results better and faster with a decrease in weight and you will notice that your body is tight and not only that, but that oats are useful for treating the skin and fatigue resulting from work. It was going down and this was a problem for me because I like to see my weight go down and it was difficult to go down and with oats I found that I went down 3 kilos per week. It is true that it tastes not delicious because it looks like bran, but it can be used after cooking methods and for making sweets, so it can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  • The third experiment: Through my experience of the oat diet, here are the following benefits for it: Oats slow down the emptying of the stomach, because it contains dietary fiber, reduces appetite and helps in weight loss. This is because it contains soluble fiber that prevents fat accumulation and absorption from the stomach.