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Onion benefits: 8 medical benefits with nutritional facts and healthy recipes

There is almost no soup, broth, or couscous made without onions. This is due to the many benefits of onions that are beneficial to the body, immunity, and more important benefits in an individual’s life.

Onions are a staple in kitchens around the world, especially in Arab countries. Arabic cooking is incomplete without the use of onions. From broth dishes to salads, soups, meat dishes and more, Arabs use onions in the most diverse ways.

Onion nutritional value

While onions add abundant flavor to a wide variety of foods, they are low in calories. Consider the feeding table to learn more about onion nutrition.
1 large onion (150 grams) contains:

Item name Nutritional value
Calories 60
protein 1.7 grams
dietary fiber 2.6 grams
carbohydrate 14 grams
Fats 0.1 g

types of onions

Onions are limited, but the flavor they add to your cooking is indispensable. Onions belong to the same family as leeks, green onions, and garlic. Aside from the distinct flavors, onions are known for their health benefits.
There are many types of onions grown in the wild, but the most common types used in cooking include: