My own experience of abstaining from sugar

Diet magazine presents to you my own experience in abstaining from sugar and its alternatives, and how this positively affects health in general, the skin and its beauty, as well as focus and calm, and many healthy and positive things only when you stop eating sugar

My own experience of abstaining from sugar

  1. The first experience: I used to think that giving up sugar is giving up one of the pleasures of life as there is no alternative to it. I was wrong when you dispense with bad food, you increase the intake of healthy food rich in vitamins and minerals, which positively affects health. Eating sweets is something more enjoyable than eating them constantly and out of addiction, and having a partner in achieving the goal makes it easier to do the process at least twice. It is not as difficult as everyone thinks, or at least as I thought, later I will mention factors that helped us facilitate the task.
  2. The second experience: I enjoy in a way that I have never tried before with natural food and its flavors that I did not like or even experienced before. The sweet taste of sugar was overshadowing every other taste. A slow and gradual loss of weight, and this is better than a large and rapid loss; Because it’s stable, it’s hard to get back in those kilograms. I lost about 5 kilograms in this period and my husband lost 7. I noticed that the whiteness in my eyes increased, but I was not sure that I was not under the illusion, and I made sure to notice when I read the same result when someone else had the same experience I tasted sugar in a large amount and did not like it, after five Months after abstaining from sugar, I decided to drink a cup of tea with lemon with the addition of three tablespoons of sugar, which I used to drink almost every day (with lemon in winter and mint in summer), I could not finish the cup, as the sugar had a heavy taste on my tongue and a burning sweetness that I did not enjoy since I am not addicted to Sugar is now free from any control by food in general, no matter how tempting the food looks and smells, I can easily refuse it if I find that this food is not good for my body.
  3. The third experience: I am addicted to sweets, and not a day passes without eating a large amount of sweets and chocolate up to 3 times a day, whether with coffee or alone, and because of my severe addiction to sweets, I sometimes skip some of the main meals in order to eat a finger of chocolate or a piece Of cake without a big conscience.! Although I was often able to control myself with regard to eating from restaurants and fast food, I could not stop eating sweets, even for a short period, so I decided a month ago to stop eating sweets for 30 days and watch the impact on me in all respects, the most important of which is weight and fat percentage .

Abstain from sugar and carbohydrates

  1. Carbohydrates mean all foods that turn into glucose after being digested, and they are the main source of energy for the body. Carbohydrates provide energy quickly to the body because they raise the level of sugar in the blood because they are easy to digest and absorb. As for complex carbohydrates, their energy is sustainable because they take longer to digest.
  2. Also, getting used to eating sugar and sweets may resemble drug addiction, so quitting it requires a decisive decision and is not an easy process at all. .
  3. In fact, there are no harms to refraining from eating added sugars, but this is what is required; Reducing its consumption is a healthy step for most people, as excessive consumption of sugar is linked to serious health conditions; Obesity, metabolic syndrome and heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, chronic infections, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, dental plaque and cavities, and in turn reducing the amount of sugar consumed in the diet can help reduce the risk of these problems health.

Abstain from sugar for a month

Studies have confirmed that stopping and abstaining from sugar for a month will completely disappear your desire to eat sweets and sugars, and you may face an unexpected desire to eat vegetables and foods rich in protein, in addition to a set of benefits that gradually appear, including:

  1. The freshness of the skin may be surprised that there is a relationship between eating sugar and the skin, but this is a fact, sugar can reduce its freshness and purity, because sugar reduces the secretion of collagen, which contributes to the freshness of the skin, and while avoiding eating sugar for 20 days to a month, it will help your skin because It becomes brighter and clearer.
  2. Losing weight Many people make a great effort to burn body fat, and they do not know that sugar is a major factor in slow weight loss. With a healthy diet and stopping eating sugar for three weeks, you will notice that the result is better this time.
  3. Sleeping regularly without feeling, sugar leads to sleep disturbances, as it increases the secretion of the hormone cortisol, and the high level of sugar in the blood helps in insomnia, but if you do not eat sugar, your performance and activity will be better during the day, and your sleep is more regular at night.
  4. It should be noted that on the same level, Glatter also stated, that when you start to reduce the intake of sugar in your diet, your body begins to show a set of withdrawal symptoms, especially in the early days, and among the most important of these symptoms is a constant feeling of discomfort and nausea, and may feel Many people feel sad and depressed, along with a constant feeling of fatigue and headache, but these symptoms remain temporary as the body begins to return to its normal state in terms of feeling energetic, and energy improves after the first week and the following.

Diet to abstain from sugar

  1. We always focus on reducing carbohydrates and fats in our food, and do not give the same importance to sugars. Although sugars increase weight and increase the fat accumulated in the body in the same way that fats and starches do, and the problem of sugars is that they are present in many foods and drinks that we eat on a daily basis without realizing, how do I get a diet to abstain from sugars.
  2. Completely stay away from refined sugars instead of dieting systems, for people who are overweight, focusing on eating healthy foods. Many doctors ask their patients to eat better, exercise and get fit, and come back for a new appointment a month later.
  3. Stay away from sugar and sweeteners (honey, pomegranate molasses) and drinks rich in sugar and caffeine (energy drinks, coffee, soft drinks, tea..), fruit juice and healthy fruits in general because they are rich in sugar and artificial sweeteners and sugar-rich canned goods (pineapple, canned peaches, apricots). Gluten-rich foods (wheat, oats). And grains and legumes (flour, pasta, beans, fava beans..).
  4. And nutrition experts advise to quit sugars at once and not just reduce them. The word “quit” here is intended because nutrition experts call eating sugar a state of addiction, because the body gets used to entering sugars and little by little draws a path for them to pass into the intestines, where they ferment and turn them into fats that are stored in the body and demand more.

Stop eating sugar for 10 days and the results are amazing

Many people are addicted to eating sugary foods. Anything that contains sugar satisfies our desires and gives us comfort. Here are the benefits that accrue to the body when you stop eating sugar for 10 days.

  1. The study confirms that abstaining from eating sugar for ten days leads to a decrease in the level of cholesterol in the blood by a full five degrees, and it also reduces triglycerides by 33%, and thus it greatly eliminates the possibility of developing diabetes. What the study recommends is to reduce dependence on sugar. After the expiry of the ten-day period, so that the average calorie content of foods rich in sugar does not exceed 10% of the caloric rate that enters the entire body daily.
  2. Frustration and recovery During the first day, you get some frustration when you wake up, and this may last for two or three days, but it is nothing more than the beginning of reprogramming the mind to new actions, and the feeling of discomfort soon disappears, leaving the place to a slight recovery, due to the mutation that it caused Independence from the addictive substance.
  3. Feeling active during the fourth day at most, you will be overwhelmed by a feeling of activity and desire to move and not stay in one place.
    The liver’s exhaustion has subsided During the fifth day, the liver responsible for analyzing sugar regains its vitality and flows back smoothly, after it was tired as a result of the large amounts of sugar that it was receiving, and it is now working normally and taking all of its time to throw the (few) sugary waste out of the body.

Does abstaining from sugar include fruits?

  1. Fruit is characterized by a low glycemic index, which means that the sugar we get from it does not reach the bloodstream only slowly, because it is stored inside the cells of the fruit that must be digested first to release it, for example, if you eat a banana you will feel satisfied for a period of time, which does not happen after eating A piece of candy, as you’ll want more once you eat it.
  2. Despite this, the method of preserving the fruits eaten affects the blood sugar, as fresh or frozen fruit is better than processed fruits, such as: dried fruits, fruit juices, smoothies, canned fruits, or fruit sauces such as apple sauce. This is due to the rapid absorption of sugar in the processed fruit by the body, which leads to a rapid rise in the level of sugar in the blood.
  3. What can be said in this regard is that fruits contain fiber that helps burn sugar in the body, and it works on its rise slowly, and for this reason it is not stored. As for white sugar, it does not contain fiber, and it contributes to a rapid rise in blood sugar. Therefore, whoever eats a date grain will feel great activity compared to someone who drinks a cup of sugar-sweetened tea, as he will feel energetic in this case in an instant.