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Diet magazine presents to you a topic about my experience of the Karatai diet, the flaws of the Karatai diet, the Karatai diet schedule, the difference between the Karatai diet and keto, the Karatai diet foods, and the Karatai diet in Ramadan. The famous Turkish Karatai diet is the best dieting system that fits most categories People who are looking for fitness and weight loss, due to its many advantages, the most prominent of which is its use for a very long time, almost for life, and this diet is soft and not harsh and does not depend on starvation and does not lead to weakening the body in order to lose weight and burn fat, as this diet depends on preventing eating foods Which contain sugars and carbohydrates, in order to maintain the level of sugar in the blood, and it is also possible to eat obesity or butter or any other foods, but it is forbidden to eat foods that have a high sugar content such as bread and pasta. Turkish in boring detail To enjoy a permanent health program for long periods, follow us to learn more. The Karatay Diet Experience The Karatay Diet Many types of diets with their different systems are spread in our Arab world, but this time we will present to you a different type of diet, which is the Turkish “Karatay” diet, but it is not only a diet for a certain period of time but a lifestyle It was named after the Turkish food doctor Janan Kartay, and this system is not only aimed at losing weight, but also aims to purify your body from toxins caused by unhealthy foods, so it is considered a disease prevention system. How to apply it don’t miss it.

  • Dieting is based on not needing to weigh food and calories. Eat saturated amounts of low-GI foods (meat, poultry, fish, cheese, vegetables, and healthy fats). I will explain to you what this is now, stay away from preserved and processed food and stay away from refined carbohydrates, such as white rice, white flour, refined pasta, pastries and several types of high glycemic index fruits, stay away from juices, sugars and sweets, eat open portions of meat, eggs, full-fat cheese, ghee and butter, Eating healthy fats such as avocado, olive oil, olives, nuts, and insulin is the enemy of slimming. Insulin must be kept low all the time. Food high in cholesterol is beneficial and not harmful.
  • This system depends on the feeling of satiety for long hours, up to 8 hours, since eating the morning breakfast, and being healthy and active at the same time. The Karatay Diet works to enhance the hormone leptin, which is responsible for feeling full, which makes the brain suppress appetite and stimulates metabolic activity in The body also helps in cell renewal, and avoids diseases associated with age.
  • One of the people says in his experience with the Kartay diet, before I started the diet, I was 157 kilos and currently I am 126 kilos. I mean, I went down about 31, and I also have 27 kilos too, to reach two numbers, but on the scale. The dream I was thinking would only benefit by surgery or a miracle. It was possible to go down. More than this rate, if the commitment was greater. The truth is, I was hours in a spit, I mean, I was committed by 70 to 80 percent, and the sport was in a very narrow range and for many weeks it was almost non-existent due to my working conditions, but I intend to start doing sport in order to try to reach the weight I want in a sooner period 6 months ago because I set myself a goal for a whole year on the system
  • This diet has also demonstrated its ability to permanently treat type 2 diabetes, get rid of liver fat, maintain youthful activity and skin purity, get rid of colon and digestive problems, and also increase motor and mental activity. This diet relies mainly on the hormone leptin; When you eat food, the pancreas secretes the hormone insulin, which provides energy for the cells. Fat, stored in the body, and to provide additional energy, this time the pancreas secretes the hormone glucagon, which helps transport the reserve sugar that was previously stored in the liver to the blood, to provide energy to the body.
  • Disadvantages of the Karatay Diet

  • There are no drawbacks to the Kartay diet, provided that your entire lifestyle is healthy, and your food does not miss any of the nutrients necessary for your body, and after a period of losing weight, you must include carbohydrates in simple proportions and from certain sources, such as: potatoes and potatoes. Other than that, there is no harm in stopping the eating habits that the Karatay Diet prevents, because most of them are wrong habits that harm the body, especially eating carbohydrates in high proportions, and neglecting the intake of other nutrients, including healthy fats.
  • But from the harm or transfer of some unsatisfactory developments for some people, such as: it will be difficult for people who cannot dispense with carbohydrates in meals such as bread, rice and potatoes and people who are addicted to sweets and sugars, the Karatay diet will cause them some inconvenience because sugars are prohibited of all kinds even The ratio is gradually reduced.
  • Karatay diet schedule

  • The Karatay Diet is one of the very healthy diets to lose weight, unlike many systems that burn fat but do not provide the body with its actual needs, and it depends on the quality of food and not the quantity with many caveats such as preventing the introduction of white flour with its derivatives, pasta or rice in the system It also prevents sugars, and to help you implement the Karatai system, we present to you in this paragraph the Turkish Karatai diet schedule by suggesting different foods that can be divided over the week, which consists of two meals.
  • Breakfast: fried egg with ghee, cottage cheese with olives, raw unroasted nuts, cucumber and tomatoes, a cup of tea with milk without sugar, lentil crepe, eggs with pastrami, ghee and edam cheese, coffee with milk and lettuce. cottage cheese with mushrooms and olive oil, raw nuts, coffee . Boiled and fried egg with municipal ghee, labneh with olive oil, eggs shakshouka with vegetables, roumi cheese, coffee with milk, white cheese, olives.
  • Lunch grilled chicken with green salad. Meat, spinach, soup, salad. Oven grilled marinated fish with green salad. Oven chicken tray with vegetables and salad. Lentil soup with cauliflower rice and salad. Chicken breasts with green beans and zucchini, green salad. Lentil crepe stuffed with chicken, cheese or minced meat with homemade pickles.
  • The difference between the Karatay diet and keto There is a great similarity between the Karatay diet and the keto diet; As both of them reduce or restrict the intake of carbohydrates, but the ketogenic diet is more restrictive in carbohydrates than the Karatay diet; Where the keto diet is limited to about 5% of carbohydrates, it is also almost not allowed to eat most or all types of fruits in the ketogenic diet. On the contrary, there are some types of fruits that are allowed to be eaten in the Karatay diet.

  • Both the Karatay diet and the keto diet emphasize the importance of eating protein, but in the keto diet, protein intake is limited to 25% of your daily food intake, while in the Karatay diet there is no specific limit for proteins, you can eat whatever you want.
  • The body enters the ketogenic state when the amount of carbohydrates in the daily food content is limited to no more than 50 grams of carbohydrates, and this is what happens in the keto diet. Those who follow this system eat carbohydrates, and therefore on many days the amount of carbohydrates may exceed 50 grams, which prevents entering the ketogenic state, it does not prevent eating
  • Natural carbohydrates such as potatoes and potatoes, but it is allowed to eat them in small quantities after a period of weight loss.
  • Karatay Diet The diet contains only two meals per day, but it must be satiating and suffice the body throughout the day. These meals are also divided into two parts, and they are allowed and prohibited. Therefore, there must be some challenges in front of you.

  • As for the permitted foods, eating natural, municipal protein such as chicken, eggs, meat and fish away from the chimney, pastrami and types of birds, but there are many foods that you must know in order to get a slim body, such as lentils, beans and beans, but it must be renewed every month, because it raises sugar In the blood, as well as a piece of white cheese, full-fat, low-salt, about half the palm of the hand. Do not eat with it any simit bread or pastries, half a cup (about 100 ml) of nuts as a substitute for bread.. Walnuts (walnuts) – hazelnuts – pistachios a little salt – almonds – Sudanese .. It should be without roasting, 8-10 small olives Salt, lemon, thyme, hot sauce and olive oil can be added to it, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, radishes, parsley, mint, watercress and other natural vegetables in an open quantity, provided that it is the season’s green, lemon tea or milk without adding sugar, artificial sweeteners or diet sugar. The focus in this diet is on breakfast, which is the most important meal of the day. And it turns out that a strong breakfast that contains plenty of protein and healthy fats (butter) increases metabolism by 30% within 12 hours. As a result of this breakfast, which speeds up the metabolism, the calories burned are the same as the calories burned when running for a distance of 4-5 kilometers; That’s why eating two eggs (in the consistency of an apricot) and a palm-sized piece of white cheese (not the size of a matchbox) are the most important food source for your morning breakfast.
  • The foods that are not allowed are carbohydrates, and on top of the list are bread, pasta and rice, fruits that contain a high sugar content such as figs, pomegranates, grapes, mangoes, bananas and dates. Of course, white and brown sugar are strictly prohibited in the Karatai diet. Refrain from eating all canned foods and preserved foods. Avoid foods processed from flour, such as pasta and bread, as well as oats, cornmeal, brown flour, and bran Avoid foods fried in vegetable oils, such as sunflower oil, corn oil, and canola oil
  • In Ramadan, it is important to know that a diet to lose weight is not suitable for all people, as research has shown that a certain diet to lose weight can affect one person, without affecting another person, due to the difference in genes, and the lifestyle of each individual, but There are some general tips for a balanced diet, as meals can be divided into three sections: breakfast, suhoor, and a snack in the evening. Eat the six food groups, which are: carbohydrates, vegetables, fruits, proteins, dairy, and oils.
  • For the suhoor meal: 2 semi-sweet eggs that can be fried in ghee, 4 pickled olives with light salt, vegetables, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, lettuce and arugula, unroasted nuts, white cheese, light salt, tea with lemon or milk and without sugar, yogurt.
  • At breakfast: Breakfast with a cup of warm water or only one date, and eat chicken, meat, fish or kebabs, and a salad dish with olive oil placed on it, and you can eat lentil soup, trotters and vegetables in this system. It is advised not to eat any ready-made meals, and that chicken be my country Away from farmed chickens, not eating any food between meals, and drinking a lot of water.
  • Tarawih prayer is also an opportunity to increase the movement of the body, especially after eating breakfast, which increases the inactivity of the body, and perseverance in Tarawih prayer works to stimulate blood circulation and speed up digestion, and after Iftar and Tarawih it is possible to exercise both in the “gym” or at home.
  • As for the drinks that do not spoil the diet and maintain weight, they are: With meals, you can take any of these drinks: strawberry milk juice “3 strawberries”, cold milk, water soaked with 1 dates + 1 organic apricot or prunes, cocoa with cold jelly, between the two meals You can have any of these drinks: plain iced hibiscus, plain soda with lemon slices, iced tea, lemon mint juice.