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Diet magazine presents to you my experience with abdominal massage, fat burning massage, the harms of slimming massage, abdominal massage with olive oil for slimming, and my experience with facial massage. Fat often accumulates in the abdominal area and is usually difficult to get rid of, so many resort to depriving themselves From eating food and practicing harsh exercises, they may not achieve the goal they seek sometimes, but getting rid of the rumen and breaking up belly fat do not need all of that. It may suffice for this purpose to massage the abdomen by following accurate and deliberate methods, here is my experience with abdominal massage, follow it with us. My Experience with Abdominal Massage Abdominal massage is a form of gentle and harmless massage therapy that has a healing and relaxing effect when feeling abdominal pain and anyone can do an abdominal massage for themselves, or may turn to a professional therapist for massage sessions, here are some opinions Women about their experiences with abdominal massage.

  • The first experience: massage does not conflict with diet or sports if it follows a certain system, but rather helps speed up results and the most important point: it does not require diet or sports, its result will appear clear after two weeks of follow-up, but you must continue for a month or more or until you get the result Required method of massage 1 – There are special oils for pharmacies to do massage, but I did not use them. I used Baby Oil. 2 – Apply the oil to the place you think has cellulite. 3 – Press your fingertips hard and try to feel the fat balls under your fingers and massage the place well for 10 minutes a day. 4 – Massage the areas on both sides of your body, right and left, on the same day, or alternately, so that one side does not become thinner without the other. 5- You will feel severe pain at the beginning and for a period of 4-5 days, and the pain will end. And pain means that there is a high percentage of cellulite, and it also means that your massage is correct and means that you will notice a tremendous result
  • The second experience: I, thank God, had a wonderful experience with massage sessions and frankness. I benefited from tightening my body and losing cellulite. Even with us, only one in the institute is involved, but in the abdomen, and each unit according to her condition. She gives her herbal medicines, God willing, she has 12 sessions, and the massage is daily, and Umm Saad’s herbal capsules went down 9 km and then After home service, her method is the first thing to do with a hand massage, then a steam bath because the pores open, and then oils that dissolve fat with the machines. I really worked it out of the conscience of honesty and I benefited, praise be to God, and divided my body between the waist and what I wanted, praise be to God.
  • Fat burning massage Eating more fat and calories or pregnancy are all ways that lead to the accumulation of fat, by applying a special abdominal massage that helps you get rid of these fats in a correct way, here are some ways to do a fat burning massage.

  • Lower pelvic massage Press with your palms on the left pelvic bones while inhaling the air and inflating your abdomen and then returning it to its original position. Repeat this movement 4 times and then do the same massage process on the lower right pelvis.
  • Navel massage For the best result, i.e. to remove the rumen and get rid of its fat in a short time and effectively, we advise you to apply the navel massage technique. Stretch and place the entire palms of your hands horizontally, 3 fingers apart, below your navel. Gently press on this area with your fingers. Massage it gently from the inside out, inhaling the air and then removing it. Repeat this movement 3 times. Take a break and then do it 3 more times.
  • Massaging the top of the pelvis Massaging the pelvic area under the sides of the abdomen can also help burn fat in an easy way. To this end, you must follow these instructions. Place the palms of your hands in the area between the lower abdomen and the pelvic bone. Press with your fingers on this area while breathing. Repeat this movement 5 times on each side.
  • The arch pose is ideal for strengthening and tightening the core abdominal muscles, the use of the arch technique in this abdominal slimming massage provides a full body tightening that increases energy and promotes easy digestion. Instructions for performing the technique: Lie facedown on a mat with your legs extended and your arms at your side. Bend your knees up while reaching your arms back to stabilize your ankles or feet. Do this position for 15-30 seconds while breathing normally. Return to your normal position, allowing your body to rest for 15 seconds. Repeat 5 times with a rest time between each pause.
  • Circular massage to get rid of belly fat and rumen bloating and get a flat stomach, it is necessary to work on promoting bowel movement and digestion. To this end, the entire abdominal area must be massaged by circular motions in a clockwise direction.
  • Disadvantages of slimming massage

  • Repeated massage of areas of fat accumulation such as the abdomen and thighs will help reduce them if one of the paints, oils or soap containing substances that help in burning fat is used in the work of this massage.
  • Before contacting your local massage therapist to set up an appointment, you should know what massage can and cannot do if you are trying to lose weight by trying abdominal massage, but generally there are no harms to slimming massage.
  • However, sessions differ as to whether they are suitable for you or not, depending on the different slimming technique used, and here is an explanation for this: Cryolipolysis Your doctor may suggest a cryopreservation technique, if you suffer from fatty accumulations and bulges that are resistant to exercise or to a healthy diet, In each of the following areas, under the chin and jaw, thighs, abdomen, back and sides, under the buttocks, top of your hands, or areas under the chest, and you should avoid the cryo-slimming technique if you have the following, loose skin. Your skin tone is bad.
  • If you suffer from cryoglobulinemia, an abnormal condition in which blood proteins thicken and collect abnormally, forming clots when exposed to low temperatures. If you have cold urticaria, a skin condition that involves the formation of raised, red skin bumps after exposure to extreme cold.
  • Abdominal massage with olive oil to lose weight

  • Olive oil is rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids, and it occupies an important place in the diet chart for treating high blood pressure, in addition to being one of the best oils to be used for body massage.
  • It works to lose fat and fight abdominal obesity, or what is known as the rumen, by burning the accumulated fat in the abdominal area safely and quickly, and getting rid of cellulite and fluid stored in the abdomen, which helps to sculpt the waist and get a perfect slim body.
  • It should be noted the necessity of massaging daily in circular motions for half an hour. Treating digestive disorders, including colic, flatulence, constipation, and gas expulsion.
  • Expand the blood vessels and get rid of atherosclerosis.
  • Reducing abdominal pain and colic, tightening the abdominal area, and eliminating flabbiness, cracks, and white lines resulting from childbirth or obesity.
  • My experience with a facial massage

  • The first experience: I have oily skin, so I tried a facial massage using wheat germ oil, and the result was great, and I felt the difference in my face since the first time. The method of massage that I used is as follows, clean the face using soap and water, until any dirt, oil and makeup are removed to prevent skin irritation Examine the skin thoroughly for signs of open sores, acne, psoriasis, or other skin conditions that may irritate during the massage. Apply a hypoallergenic massage cream to your fingertips to allow your fingers to glide smoothly over the face, and use a lotion as it will reduce friction and skin irritation and increase the benefits of a facial massage. Start massaging from the top of the face and on the forehead and use your fingers to massage in circular motions. After the massage is finished, any oils on the face are wiped off with a wet cotton.
  • The second experience: Yesterday, I said let me try a facial massage..because I know that it is beneficial for the skin, but I did not know what to use as an oil, especially that my face skin is oily, and I went to read on the Internet and beauty sites, and in the end I decided to use sweet almond oil with a boiled chamomile and actually cleaned my face well with lotion and then I put a teaspoon of sweet almond oil + a teaspoon of boiled chamomile, “but it wasn’t too much because my skin was oily.” I started massaging my face with circular movements, and frankly, I followed the massage movements that I found in one of the sites, most of which depended on moving the middle and pinky fingers lightly because the skin The face is sensitive and I also did a neck massage, meaning for a third of an hour, and in the end I kept it for 10 minutes on my face, and then I took a tissue and put it on my face and eyes for a while so that it absorbs the excess of the oil because my skin is oily and I don’t like to wake up while I was drowning in oil and I slept along and when I woke up in the morning I looked at In the mirror, I did not find extra fat on my face, as usual. I mean, my skin absorbed the oil and benefited from it. I washed my face with lotion, and then my face was very fresh and its color was a resource, and I felt that my skin was renewed.