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matcha tea | 7 amazing health benefits with the right preparation method

Matcha green tea has ancient Japanese origins and has a lot of benefits, and today we are going to talk about these amazing health benefits of drinking matcha green tea. It improves mood, lowers stress levels and gives more energy, all within the first week of using matcha tea. Matcha is basically a shade-grown green tea that is a staple beverage grown in Japan. It does not undergo any heat treatment, making it organic and much less processed compared to traditional green tea. The sweet and salty taste of matcha at the same time will make you addicted to it, now know the health benefits that will make you addicted to this tea more and then we will move on to learning the correct way to make matcha drink:

1. Prevents Cancer

The health benefits of drinking green matcha have been repeatedly proven to fight cancer. The well-known antioxidants in matcha work to get rid of free radicals that lead to cancer in the body. The antioxidant known as EGCG in green tea is also believed to be an anti-cancer substance. In fact, a 2003 study in Colorado confirmed that drinking one cup of matcha contains 137 times the amount of EGCG compared to traditional green tea.

2. Matcha is anti-aging

Most of us know that native Japanese people look much younger than Arabs, regardless of their age, and matcha tea’s amazing benefits are one of the reasons behind this. Matcha is a heavy food in the Japanese diet and is the most popular drink on Earth. In fact, a group of people from Okinawa, Japan have been shown to have healthy skin free of wrinkles and signs of aging. Matcha green tea is the number one drink consumed by this group. The shelf life of this group is a major evidence that it contributes to anti-aging in the body due to the antioxidant content that matcha contains, which reduces oxidative stress in the body. Oxidative stress is what essentially ages us both inside and out.